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My one-on-one, friendly approach to teaching piano will have you playing and

understanding music in no time, using songs you love!

You’ll learn the techniques and theory behind the playing as you learn songs you want to play.

Learning piano doesn’t have to be boring and stuffy!

Using one-on-one video lessons, I will be right there with you for instant feedback, and to iron out any

bad habits before they form.

No pressure, or exams. Learn at your own pace.

Whether you’re a beginner just wanting to see if it's for you or a pro who wants to brush up on some technique and learn a few new tricks, let me tailor a course to suit your needs.

Lessons can be regular weekly sessions or one-off masterclasses.

Learn to play the piano, read music, play by ear, improvise and even write your own music.



Half Hour - £15   |   AUD$30
Full Hour - £25     AUD$50
One-off Hour - £30   |   AUD$60
All you need is a piano or keyboard and a willingness to learn!

Anyone can learn! Any age or skill level

You can book your first lesson by contacting me directly at




What if I decide I don’t like it after the first lesson?
As the teacher, it’s my responsibility to make it fun and interesting.

However, if you decide it’s not for you then there’s no obligation to continue.

Can I do a trial lesson to see if I like it?
Of course, for a trial I always recommend going for the half hour lesson as it’s less expense to outlay and gives you a good idea of how fun piano can be.

I’m worried I won’t pick it up quickly enough?
There’s no right and wrong speed when learning a new skill, and no time pressure at all.

It’s my job to explain it in a way you understand to work with your style of learning.

What will I learn to play?
You can learn to play your favourite songs, and understand the way they’ve been created.

I have arthritis in my hands, or my hands shake, can I still learn?
Absolutely! I’ve seen a great improvement in these conditions with some of my students.
There are lots of techniques that can improve mobility in you hands, and the lessons will be tailored with that in mind.

Do you teach people with Autism or Aspergers?
Yes, definitely.

I’ve found particularly good results with students with Autism and students with Aspergers in the past.

What’s different about this approach to teaching rather than traditional lessons?
Learning the traditional way usually means learning one note at a time and introducing new concepts slowly.

This creates the thought that the last notes you learn must be the hard ones, and that’s a difficult mindset to break. There’s nothing hard about any of the notes and keys, and the sooner we can familiarise ourselves with how they work together, the sooner we can play the songs we want to play.
Think about it as..

One method results in ‘3 blind mice’ after the first 6 months..

and the other results in ‘let it be’ after the first lesson.

I know which one I’d prefer!

Does this method mean you miss out on vital theory and technique?
No, quite the opposite. This method utilises the need for understanding the theory and technique so that we can apply them straight away, using songs we want to play!

What if I’m not available at the same time every week?
Although it’s preferable to lock in the same time for each week, a lot of my students are working from home and have zoom meetings scheduled beyond their control. I’ll try my best to accommodate any time changes that occasionally come up.

How long will it take me to sound like I can play?
You should be able to acquire some skills worthy of showing off to your family and friends after the first lesson or two!

Where can I book my first lesson?
Get in contact with me directly HERE


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